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Tori Vega ist die Hauptprotagonistin der Serie. Sie besucht die Schule Hollywood Arts High School und geht mit ihren Freunden, André Harris, Jade West, Beck. This Pin was discovered by mike parnell. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Tori Vega, Victoria Justice, Victorious, Mode Boho, Gars, Cuisinier, Style. Wayne Miskelly. Informations complémentaires. Tori Vega. Find this Pin and more on. 2,58 mln di valutazioni. Scarica. Tori Vega, Victoria Justice, Moda Boho, Ragazzi, Disney Channel, Style,. Wayne Miskelly. Maggiori informazioni. Tori Vega. Im Mittelpunkt steht die Schülerin Tori Vega, gespielt von Victoria Justice. Weitere Darsteller sind Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Gillies und Avan.

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2,58 millones de valoraciones. Descargar. Victoria Justice, Tori Vega, Victorioso, Forever 21, Blusa Con Volantes, Mujeres. Más información. Find this Pin and. Drehorte: Die Serie wird in den Nickelodeon Studios am Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, Kalifornien, wo auch iCarly gefilmt wird, gedreht. Victorious spielt. Wie gewohnt erwarten euch spannende und lustige Episoden rund um Hauptdarstellerin Tori Vega (Victoria Justice). Zur Veröffentlichung am 6. März verlosen. Https:// contrast to her older sister, Tori is a much more mature person and cutthroat island to enjoy things in a neutral state of mind. Justice later guest-starred on the series The Penguins of Madagascarvoicing the character of Stacy in the episode "Badger Pride. In " Wi-Fi in the Sky ," she yells at Andre for "talking to himself" when he was in reality ГјbernatГјrliche krГ¤fte chatting with Tori, Cat, and Beck then freaks out and punches Andre's computer. The First Time Jane Harmon. Skip to content.

Claremore Hayley Wilson. Student voice. Ramona Miller. Lindy Sampson. Show all 11 episodes. Stacy voice. Tori Vega. Show all 56 episodes.

Video short Victoria Justice. Eris Fairy. Shelby Marx. TV Movie Tammi. Lola Martinez. Show all 47 episodes. Thalia Thompson.

Young Nikki. Jill 2. Victorious TV Series performer - 57 episodes, - writer - 2 episodes, - - Victori-Yes Following this, their relationship is stronger and more stable.

He, or another student resembling him, can be seen together with Tori or a girl resembling her in the episode " MommaGoomer", as Sam and Cat go to Hollywood Arts in order to ask Sikowitz for help.

Trina's allergic reaction to a Chinese herb gargle in the pilot episode forces Tori to fill in for her in the school's big showcase, which leads to Tori being offered admission to Hollywood Arts.

Trina believes that acting and singing is her destiny, and is oblivious to her actual lack of any talent. The only reason Trina is in Hollywood Arts is that Sikowitz had a coconut-induced hallucination during Trina's audition, which turned her performance into a psychedelic extravaganza for him, and every other judge was out at the time.

Trina is quite selfish and shallow most of the time, and is portrayed as being extremely difficult to deal with, sometimes even being called a "monster" in "Freak the Freak Out.

Despite Trina's shallow personality, she can be concerned about her sister when she wants to be and it is shown that she does look out for Tori a lot.

Later in the series, she showed some minor character growth, such as in " Locked Up! Trina also seems to have bad luck, as she often gets hurt.

Some examples include: Falling from the ceiling, a wall falling on her, getting hit in the face with flour, and getting hit with a box of shoes.

By the final episode "Victori-yes", Trina has landed a role on a Spanish-language television show titled Divertisimo , which she boasts is "a high-quality television show with top-notch acting".

She is eventually shown portraying a giant piece of cheese being tormented by children in mouse costumes. He is nerdy, disturbing, and very weird, often considered stranger than even Robbie or Cat; his locker has his chewed up food on it and he also likes to collect the teeth of past presidents' relatives.

He is usually used as a fake date or bribed to fake date someone, including Cat. He usually interrupts conversations with weird comments that do not make sense.

He is a fan of disco music and has a huge crush on Tori and Jade, although both show more irritation than the interest in his presence.

Sinjin is skilled in the background work on the school's productions and performances. He is shown to be proficient with audio, lighting, and making props, and is the apparent leader of the technical team.

He is also skilled in computer science , to the point of being able to hack into a private server to delete an embarrassing picture of Jade in " The Bad Roommate ".

Erwin Sikowitz [9] pronounced "psycho-wits" portrayed by Eric Lange is the hippie -like acting teacher at Hollywood Arts.

His habits might be interpreted as weird and his methods are shown to be often very strange including throwing a ball at Cat while she is performing , but at times very effective.

He often walks around barefoot, which is the supposed trait of the hippies. He likes to enter the class through a window and is almost always seen drinking from coconut because, as Jade says, "the milk gives him visions".

Tori gave him two dollars on her first day at Hollywood Arts, thinking he was homeless. He also gave Cat, Jade, Beck, Andre, and Robbie permission to start a fake ping-pong team to make money and have a fancy dinner.

He claims to be 34 years old in " The Diddly-Bops ". In all other episodes, he is just called Sikowitz.

In " Sleepover at Sikowitz's ", it is revealed that he has a nephew named Jason, who went out on a date with Cat, although the results are not mentioned.

His catchphrase is "Good Gandhi! Sikowitz is regularly seen drinking from a coconut he once drank fermented coconut milk and had visions during Trina's audition.

In one episode when Tori goes to him asking for help, he is hanging upside down from the ceiling, and in another, he stored his grandmother in the corner before slinging her over his shoulder and taking her to the hospital.

He has an extremely strange house as revealed in " Sleepover at Sikowitz's ". At the Hollywood Arts Prom, he brought a pile of tires, matches and a bottle of fuel, thinking for unknown reasons that they were going to have a bonfire of tires.

Sikowitz scolds Cat for showing up very late with the class being almost over. When the bell rings, Sam and Cat tell Sikowitz that they would like to use his classroom for a charity called "The Salvation Goomers" which was a cover-up for Goomer claiming to his mother that he is a history teacher.

During Goomer's teaching of history to Sam, Cat, Dice, Goomer's mom, and the local shruggers, [ clarification needed ] Sikowitz comes in stating that he had gone to Charityosity.

In the same series, Cat has a picture of a laughing Sikowitz near her bed in the room that she shares with Sam. Lane is a good guidance counselor, and often helps students with their problems and resolves their arguments, but sometimes can be reluctant at times, asking students "Why Me?

He is usually the one making the big announcements at school. He appears to either hate dry skin or is obsessed with lotion as seen in " The Wood " , as he can be seen frequently applying lotion to his hands.

He has a nephew named Devon, as seen in " The Diddly-Bops ". Lane is the one who made a reality television series, The Wood , leave the school because it was becoming an issue with the students and disrupting the learning environment.

He tends to be a bit extreme in his dealings such as when he issued a two-week detention to Tori for a supposed accidental hit on Jade during a stage fighting practice, made Robbie and Trina cover for Festus after accidentally injuring him, and having Tori and Jade take Festus home after unknowingly wrecking his car which was similar to one of the janitors' car.

David works as a police officer while Holly's job was never revealed. They are shown to be caring and loving parents, but when their daughters get too out of control, they tend to stay out of it and go off doing something else, which is indicating that they are very unhelpful parents.

For example, in " Freak the Freak Out ", Trina gets her wisdom teeth removed and their parents decide to go out of town so they would not have to take care of her, knowing she would get violent.

Tori likes to point out at times that her father is a cop, usually to Sinjin, but also to others, especially if someone is annoying her.

Charlotte Harris [10] portrayed by Marilyn Harris is Andre's grandmother. She is mentally unstable and often paranoid about things.

She is shown to be afraid of nearly everything, including various sensible objects such as clocks and mirrors. In the episode " Wi-Fi in the Sky " she gets scared after seeing her reflection in a mirror and screams "Andre, there's another 'me' on the wall!

When she is greeted by new people, she hides behind anything she can find, while simultaneously shouting out "I don't know you!

He also mentions in " Survival of the Hottest " that before she lost her mind, she used to tell him, "Andre, no matter how bad things get, you can always make it better by singing a song".

She often snaps at Andre and is possibly the only way she communicates with anyone. In " Wi-Fi in the Sky ," she yells at Andre for "talking to himself" when he was in reality video chatting with Tori, Cat, and Beck then freaks out and punches Andre's computer.

During an interview on a video on TheSlap. Lee portrayed by Susan Chuang is the owner of Tori's favorite Chinese restaurant Wok Star, who volunteers to pay to produce Jade's play.

But things get complicated when Mrs. Lee makes drastic changes to the script and wants to put her daughter, Daisy, in the play. This prompts Tori to ask if she is Chinese or Japanese, which she answers with a smack to Tori's head.

She later appears in the third-season episode " How Trina Got In ", making Tori and Robbie chop a pile of squid after they cannot pay their bill.

After the bill was worked off, Robbie accidentally breaks some dishes, causing Mrs. Lee to have Robbie work off the damages with one of the jobs being rubbing her chef Kwakoo's feet.

She also appeared in the fourth-season episode " The Hambone King " where she praises Robbie's hamboning skills. Lee as a chef as seen in "How Trina Got In".

Likely as an Easter egg , a book with "Qwaqoo" spelled on its spine often appears inside Hart house in Dan Schneider 's later sitcom Henry Danger.

Festus portrayed by Marco Aiello is the proprietor of The Grub Truck, a food truck located at the school. He either has or may have a habit of lying to customers.

In "Beck's Big Break" when Tori asked for a sandwich he said he only served burritos but gave her a sandwich anyway. In the same episode, he is also shown to scream at people who are not there when in the Grub Truck.

In "The Wood", he was injured by Robbie and Trina and they were forced by Lane to replace him for a short time.

Tori and Jade accidentally destroyed his car in the same episode upon mistaken for one of the cars belonging to one of Hollywood Arts' janitors and had to take him home in a wheelbarrow.

In "Locked Up! It is also revealed that he has a brother named Sgrodis portrayed by Winston Story who is the hotel manager.

Burf portrayed by Darsan Solomon is a student who goes to Hollywood Arts and often hangs out with Sinjin. He then appears in " Driving Tori Crazy " when Cat offers him a bag of rags.

He also appears in " The Blonde Squad ", and in " Tori Goes Platinum ", when he sends in a video of himself singing for a contest. He also appears in the season 4 episode " Wanko's Warehouse ".

Though he is rarely seen in the show, he is mentioned in many episodes. He appears in " Pilot " and " Helen Back Again ".

In "Helen Back Again", he resigns as principal after announcing his engagement to a Tahitian woman and plans to move to Tahiti.

Cat frequently mentions her brother, whose name is never revealed. He is often mentioned as a focal point of bizarre off-screen antics, which either happen to him or which he causes himself.

Examples include eating Cat's charm bracelet, getting stabbed in Japan, biting Cat on the foot, falling from a terrace onto a shuttle bus, being shot by a clown, painting his body purple for a job interview, and somehow procuring twelve gallons of real blood for Jade's play.

On TheSlap, Cat revealed he is not allowed outside by himself and that he plays "hide and seek" with the police. In " Car, Rain, and Fire ", Tori, Cat, and Jade borrow Cat's brother's car which had unusual features such as a coverless roof, rope for a seat belt and a bag of prosthetic feet in the trunk.

In the episode, Cat says her brother is "pretty weird". She also mentions that he has a turtle with "special" problems.

He is in the episode " Beggin' on Your Knees " where Tori found out from her friends that he uses girls to get good grades and then soon after breaks up with them.

Tori then humiliates him in front of the whole school by singing "Beggin' on Your Knees" to him. They won the contest against Jade and Cat because her father is the owner of the Karaoke Dokie club and the judge of the karaoke contest.

Before the contest, she started flirting with Beck which started a feud between her and Jade. She has a very mean and snobbish attitude, especially toward Jade.

Hayley and Tara were easily defeated when Tori performed her new song, "Freak the Freak Out" under the disguise of Louise Nordoff, and after she and Tara lost the bet to Tori, was forced to "babysit" Trina, who had recently gotten her wisdom teeth removed and made it hard to take care of her.

David saw the antics of them trying to restrain Trina when he got home and told Holly to get back into the car.

Before the contest, she flirts with Andre. Tara also appears in " Tori Goes Platinum ", in which she tries out for a contest but loses.

But then Tori ends up telling Mason and the producers that she can't take it anymore, which results in Mason not letting her appear in the Platinum Music Awards anymore.

So they give Jade that chance instead, because they know her from her own audition, which they liked. After Cat accidentally leaves a video chat on, Jade sees Tori and Beck discussing that Tori shouldn't be kissing a friend's ex with Beck and Jade breaking up, Beck trying to kiss Tori, and Tori and Jade finally becoming friends.

Jade then lets Tori perform herself, while Jade goes into the audience. He was annoyed at first, as he had dismissed Tori, but he eventually likes it, taking on Tori as his rising star.

Tori and Ponnie meet in the bathroom. In Crazy Ponnie , Tori is befriended by Ponnie , a new student, when meeting her eating inside a bathroom stall.

She turns out to be crazy. She runs away at lunchtime, stays away from class, gives Tori a doll that looks like her, and impersonates a Chinese food delivery lady.

Also, Ponnie dumps noodles on Tori's head. Tori talks to her mom about the problem, and they plan on getting the cops.

When Tori tries to get a can of juice, Ponnie grabs her, and then tells the truth that her real name is Fawn Leibowitz. Before Tori went to Hollywood Arts, Ponnie was there, and she claims that they kicked her out because they wanted to make room for Tori.

Once the cops come, Sikowitz recognizes her and says that she got kicked out because she was crazy. She stole stuff, kept weird stuff in her backpack, and called people Debbie.

She was arrested but escaped, and disguised as a cop drives Tori and Trina home. Tori as a member of The Blonde Squad.

In The Blonde Squad , Tori, Jade , and Cat decide to go to Nozu after a day of filming Beck 's new movie called "The Blonde Squad," but don't take off their blonde wigs and their blue contacts because Tori wants to know what it's like to be blonde.

At Nozu , Cat meets a cute boy named Evan Smith on her way to the bathroom. After talking to him for 5 hours, she forgets to tell him that she actually has red hair and brown eyes.

Tori and Robbie tell her that she is beautiful, and when Cat talks to Robbie about Evan, Robbie gets jealous.

On the night of the premiere of Beck's movie, Jade and Tori expect Cat to be herself, but Cat walks in to meet Evan wearing her blonde wig and blue contacts.

Beck pauses the movie as Cat runs out of the theater, followed by Tori and Robbie. Tori forces Cat to show her true self to Evan. Soon after, Tori asks Trina if she can tell her friends but Trina is hesitant.

After Trina tells them, they all decide to go to Wanko's and wait in line for the big sale. However, when they get there, Tori finds out that the sale starts in the morning and is quickly blamed for the incident.

In The Hambone King after Robbie loses a hambone match against Tori's former hambone partner Gerold Arnpeg , Tori then seeks revenge by challenging him to a rematch being crowned as Hambone Queen.

In Opposite Date , to do away with the lingering tension between them, Tori and Beck go on an "opposite date" and do the opposite of everything that is usually done in a normal date, proving to each other, despite Jade's maddened paranoia, that they will always be friends no matter what.

When realizing how awful they've been acting however, Tori and Cat sing LA Boyz as an apology to the guys. In Cell Block Tori and her friends are challenged by Sikowitz in not being able to use their phones.

However, everyone ends up having a war between the girls and boys to see who can't use their phones the longest.

One problem; every guy is afraid of her. Now she and Andre needs to give out 1, Berry Balls, but her strange outfit makes it difficult.

In The Bad Roommate Tori gets tired of Andre overstaying his welcome in her house while also thinking of a song to write and perform live for Kojeezy.

Unfortunately, all of her friends start competing against each other, hoping she'll pick them for her team.

When on the show, Jade steals Tori's place, leaving Tori as the other team captain, being the only one who was smart enough to avoid the doinks.

In The Slap Fight , the gang gets terribly distracted from working on a short film after discovering that Trina has more followers on the Slap than everyone else, leaving Tori to frantically do damage control.

In Star Spangled Tori , Tori is asked to sing the national anthem on public television. In Victori-Yes Tori and her friends are challenged by Sikowitz to say yes to everything someone asks them except anything romantic or "illegal".

Tori and the gang accept but soon find it difficult to keep their word. Tori can be described as a moderately tall, very slim, beautiful girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Her most prominent features are her cheekbones which have been remarked upon by many Mrs. In the pilot, Tori's hair is different than it is the rest of the series.

Instead of being curly and equally parted, it is straight and parted to one side. Tori is usually seen wearing t-shirts with a pair of jeans and boots of various styles, usually of the high-heeled variety.

Her fashion sense is known to vary, suggesting she may be a downplayed fashionista or have a hidden gift for design. One fashion choice that she is confirmed to dislike is wearing skirts over jeans.

She was also able to style Beck's hair into a variety of hairstyles in Tori Takes Requests 8. She seems to enjoy wearing skinny jeans contrasted with looser tops but has infrequently inverted this or worn exclusively form hugging clothing.

She also enjoys displaying her midriff suggesting a comfortableness with her sexuality and an acknowledgment of how attractive she is.

Some Slap posts even implied that she was considered the hottest girl at Hollywood Arts. Tori is pleasant, positive, kind, short-tempered, easy-going, funny, sweet, intelligent, serious, forgiving, more mature and responsible than her sister, yet can be shown to be neurotic and impatient and sometimes stresses out at times, though such emotions are usually well warranted.

Nevertheless, she is always there when her friends need her, such as in Rex Dies when she pretends that Rex came back to life to make Robbie happy and in Jade Dumps Beck , where she helps Jade and Beck get back together.

In the beginning of the series, she was insecure of herself, as shown in Pilot when she was good enough to get into Hollywood Arts on scholarship and yet still unsure of her acting ability in The Bird Scene , as indicated by her having to take the test three times.

However, as time progresses she is shown to become more confident in her abilities though still retaining her sense of humility. Tori is shown to have an evil side, however, though most people who bring this out are usually fully deserving of whatever misfortune Tori will unleash on them.

Throughout the series, she is shown being hostile to Trina on multiple occasions, though such acts are hardly unwarranted.

Many of Tori's more hostile moments suggest that she is capable of being as callous as Jade, if not more so, but fears who she could become if she indulges those aspects.

Tori is characterized by her charm and is liked by everyone. Her charisma and sensitivity is undermined, however, by her quick thinking and giving into peer pressure.

As as result, this can lead to Tori getting into trouble easily, and this is seen primarily in the first season.

Such an example comes in the episode, Beck's Big Break , where Tori gets Beck fired from the movie production he was originally working with.

In the end, Tori makes up for her mistake and Beck gets his role back. Her date with Ryder Daniels is an example of how easily she is given into peer pressure.

After Trina eavesdropped on the conversation between Tori and Ryder, Tori eventually opted to find herself snooping through Ryder's phone, and she was eventually caught by Ryder.

In the end, she finds out that Ryder was only dating Tori for the good grades. Some of her attitudes, suggest that Tori wants others to like and admire her as a flawless being who can solve everything.

Tori's soft heart also plays a major role in her reactions to the environment around her. While others are less forgiving, Tori has a sweet spot for people in trouble and her quick thinking emphasizes her caring and genuineness.

An example of this comes in the episode, Survival of the Hottest , where she spots Sinjin face down in a kiddie pool.

Her quick reactions help Sinjin to stay alive, rotating his body in a face up motion. In contrast to her older sister, Tori is a much more mature person and tends to enjoy things in a neutral state of mind.

This is stressed in the episode, Wi-Fi in the Sky , demonstrating the contrasting levels of maturity between the siblings. While Tori is portrayed as chill-headed.

Trina is portrayed to be vicious and is shown to dislike being continuously annoyed, to the point of almost lashing out at the young boy behind her.

This is later challenged and affirmed in the episode, Cat's New Boyfriend ; challenged, due to her temporary behavior after glossing over Daniel and Cat kissing, but affirmed when Tori and Daniel both state that jealousy is not a normal feeling she associates with.

Even in Victori-Yes , Tori outright said that she was not jealous of Trina being on, what Tori thought of at the time as, " high-quality television.

Indeed the one time Tori was not put in charge of the gang's scheme, their plan ended up backfiring horribly A Film by Dale Squires.

In addition to the above, some moments also imply that Tori, like her sister, is a good deal stronger than she looks.

Additionally, Jade's plan in Stage Fighting would not have worked had Tori not believed herself strong enough of giving someone a black eye in a single blow.

She also appears very durable, being able to survive and quickly heal from Cat punching her in Cat's New Boyfriend , the injuries she sustained at The Gorilla Club , her phone, hooked up to car battery, electrocuting her The Worst Couple , and being dragged across a field by a dog Star Spangled Tori.

Despite, or perhaps because of, being a relative newcomer at Hollywood Arts, Tori seems the most dedicated to the performing arts frequently throwing herself into situations and opportunities that the other five react with, at best, polite indifference towards The Wood , Beck Falls for Tori and Tori Goes Platinum while also trying to improve her craft, contrasting the others' stagnation The Gorilla Club.

Likewise, in The Slap Fight , she was the only one who recognized how petty everyone's behaviour was and that they were neglecting an important project.

Trina Vega is Tori's older sister. Trina is the reason that Tori got into Hollywood Arts, because Trina took some kind of Chinese Herb Gargle she found online, thinking it would make her sing better, but instead, it gave her an allergic reaction, therefore having Tori fill in for her place at the showcase.

Tori and Trina have an interesting relationship that has its ups and downs. They care for each other, but they don't like to express it.

If they do, they quickly cover it up. For example, Trina encouraged Tori to go to Hollywood Arts and said she did "great" at the big showcase even though she added "But I would have done amazing.

Therefore, Tori and Trina care about each other but can get into little fights very easily.

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Victorious - First Performance - Nickelodeon UK Als die beiden diese Opfer bringen sagen sie: "So was kann ich keiner Freundin antun. Beck stoppt den Film, als Cat den Raum verlässt. Bevor sie ihn betreten, springt Tori aus dem Auto. Robbie ist sogar auf Evan eifersüchtig. Am Premiereabend bricht kundendienst amazon Sicherheitsgurt von Trina. Matt Schneider Minirock. Continue reading die finden es überhaupt nicht zum Lachen. Ab Episode 3 aber beginnen sie, eine vorläufige Freundschaft zu entwickeln. 2,58 millones de valoraciones. Descargar. Victoria Justice, Tori Vega, Victorioso, Forever 21, Blusa Con Volantes, Mujeres. Más información. Find this Pin and. 2,58 Millionen Bewertungen. Herunterladen. Tori Vega, Florida Usa, Victoria Justice, Jimmy Fallon, Menschenrechte. Mehr dazu. Victoria justice snapchat The official site with all your favorite episodes, games, clips, playlists & pictures from shows like SpongeBob Squarepants, Sam & Cat, Teenage Mutant. Bilder. Victoria Justice. BilderVictoria Justice StilSchöne ProminenteSchöne FrauenTori VegaJennifer Aniston StyleVorbilderAtemberaubende FrauenMusica. Wie gewohnt erwarten euch spannende und lustige Episoden rund um Hauptdarstellerin Tori Vega (Victoria Justice). Zur Veröffentlichung am 6. März verlosen.

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Tori Vega's Most SAVAGE Moments and Comebacks in Victorious! 😈 NickRewind tori vega Tags: der groovige smoothie, jake farrow, mattes bennett, herr sikowitz, eric lange, sinjin cleef, andre harris, jerry trainor, katze valentine, victoria justice, tori vega. Weil Toris Flug Verspätung hat, kann sie darsteller valerian Tori vega mit ihren Freunden trailer conjuring 2 rechtzeitig fertigstellen. Ihre Freunde versuchen nun die Meinung von Helen zu ändern. Kurz darauf die bergretter heute Tori ihren Freunden davon erzählen, doch Trina möchte das nicht. Kostenlos This web page ansehen, so viel Sie wollen. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Tags: wahoo punsch, wahoo schlag, icarly, siegreich, sam und cat, nickelodeon, freddie benson, sam pucket, gibby, carly shay, spencer shay, nathan kress, jennette mccurdy, miranda cosgrove, jerry trainor, katze valentine, victoria justice, tori vega, elizabeth gillies, jade westen, tori vega harris, leon g thomas iii, beck oliver, avan jogia, trina vega, daniella monet, robbie shapiro, mattes bennett, herr sikowitz, eric lange, sinjin van cleef, michael more info reid, mike reid, rex, jake farrow, rote blase, wieder aufblasen, dan schneider, dan warp. Als die beiden diese Opfer bringen sagen sie: Гјbt was kann ich keiner Freundin antun. Der Grizzly-Kleber 24 Min. Von Paparaw. Victorious Cupcake Float Minirock. Dort müssen sie so tun, als hätten sie ein Date. Cat und Jade nehmen in einem Club an einem Karaoke-Wettbewerb teil, merken aber, dass er manipuliert war. Sitcoms, Für KinderComedyserien. Schnurrbart siegte der Schlag Minirock. Unschuldig - Stoppt die Auslese Minirock. Schnurrbart siegte der Schlag Minirock. Tori und ihre Freunde versuchen ein Continue reading mit Kesha zu gewinnen. Ihr Lehrer ist Erwin Sikowitz. Trotz hervorragender Leistung von Tori, wird sie von der Schule geworfen. Die Schüler nannten sie Debbie. tori vega